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Date de débutavril 26, 2022
Date de finmai 26, 2022
Plate-formeBNB Smart Chain (BEP20)
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**The Metaverse of the people, by the people, for the people

* Aiza World is a Metaverse game series and platform for value exchange where NFTs play as the key to unlock the new era. Operating under the decentralized mechanism, Aiza World is aimed to ensure fairness, open opportunities in both financial and also non-financial ways for players, investors, lenders, borrowers, crypto-lovers or anyone who believes in the revolution of the Metaverse.

* Our mission is to empower the crypto-world with true values, where a single person could represent themselves with boundless value attributes. Players can collect characters, items, and lands using NFTs through the Marketplace.

* Standing out from other crypto-place, Aiza World supports values of community by harnessing the preference of each individual with aligned entities. Business owners, KOLs or all communities could partake in our Marketplace to spread out their impact through their own NFTs.
Through governance token (AIZA), players can both play and earn money by selling their NFTs. With NFTs, players can build their own army and conquer challenges in PVE games, fight with other players through PVP events and upcoming features to get the in-game token (named by the sound of happiness, AHA).

* Surrounding the benefits of people, by the lending schemes, Aiza World is the pioneer in NFTs collateralized loans. Worry-free about financial obstacles and firstly enjoying the happiness in Aiza World is the direction we would bring to our people. Not only financial values, we believe in the person's value by awarding in various ways for their contribution.

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Hey Aizers,
Today, we have a little challenge, which involves guessing the hero’s name. So rack your brain and make your best guess!✈️
👇Leave a tweet below if you think of any suitable name for this hero😍
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‼️Recently, we've received some contents and images inappropriate with the community standard. Please keep in mind that every action below will be taken into serious consideration and will be banned from #aizaworld community.
For more details:
#nft #gamefi

🔥Note that Aizaworld’s admins never contact you first or request investment through any platforms. Plz double-check all the facts before making any decisions or saying anything.
📌Whenever you have any troubles, contact our OFFICAL mods/admins via Telegram
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An Nam was an ancient warrior in the Red River basin of Vietnam. He has remarkable physical strength and is extremely agile.
His weapon is a mythical spear, and he gains powerful resiliency in jungle and temple environments.
#aizaworld #NFTs #nftgame #metaverse

1. How can I claim the rewards?
2. Why haven't I received my rewards?
3. Why is the price of $AIZA going down?
4. Why do I not see many updates from the project? Will the game be released on schedule?
📌📌Check HERE:

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