Nom ICOBeaver Finance
Date de débutavril 13, 2022
Date de finavril 14, 2022
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Beaver Finance is a Single-Asset Intelligent Yield Enhancing platform that is the first in DeFi to integrate Liquidity Mining with the Option-based cutting-edge hedging solution for Impermanent Loss.

Beaver’s Asset Allocation Engine dynamically pairs equal-valued tokens from LP pools by algorithms for supplying liquidity on major DEXs, which enables users to automatically gain the high yields of dual-token LP enhancing in single-token staking mode.

Beaver’s Impermanent Loss Hedging Engine supported by Asteria Finance Lab, protects LP assets of enhancing positions by constructing European Option Portfolios for hedging against Impermanent Loss.


Hey Beaver Community👋

The week we're ending had some developments that can give optimists the fuel they need during this difficult period.

So let's see what happened and what predictions we can make.

Who can benefit from #options in #DeFi?

Traders can capitalize on this #volatility by ensuring that they are not knocked out of reasonably open positions.

This is an easy way to increase the chances of a successful trade.

Here’s the thing about #ImpermanentLoss – it’s unpredictable. It’s extremely hard to determine whether it will happen and how hard it will hit.

It depends on the amount of #tokens in the pool, how many #LPs are contributing, and other factors.

Why would I want to be a #liquidity provider? If you’ve asked yourself this, the thread below will shed some light on your unclarities

Liquidity providers use tokens they own to fund a liquidity pool.

But why would they care about making sure the pool has sufficient liquidity?

#bearmarket or not, #crypto adoption has boomed these last years!

A worldwide crypto readiness report has revealed which countries are best prepared for mass adoption.

The report considers the no. of crypto ATMs, taxes, legislation, & #blockchain start-ups.

Here are top 3👇

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