Nom ICOFidoMeta
Date de débutavril 28, 2022
Date de finavril 29, 2022
Plate-formeBNB Smart Chain (BEP20)
Prend fin
2 Mois depuis

FidoMeta is Financial Institution On Metaverse
FIDO Metaverse focuses on creating businesses in the world of Virtual Reality. All products and projects have been designed and developed to serve the real-world community through the advancement of technology and digital presence.

Fido Central bank is an apex body that controls, operates, regulates, and directs the entire banking and monetary structure in the Fido Metaverse. Fido Central Bank makes regulations for the operation of other crypto projects that want to run their banks in the FIDO Metaverse. All the other banks on the land of FIDO Metaverse have to work under the instruction and regulations developed by the FIDO Central Bank.


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