Nom ICOGenshin King
Date de débutavril 09, 2022
Date de finavril 10, 2022
Plate-formeBNB Smart Chain (BEP20)
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An ancient planet in the universe (magic world) inhabited by kind-hearted subjects. For generations the king family has protected the SPAR that balances cosmic energy. The five spars represent gold, wood, water, fire and earth. The king had three high priests with heavy weapons, two men and one woman, who were in charge of the three crystals of gold, wood and water. The other two spars (fire, earth) are hidden somewhere on the planet, but the secret is secretly protected by the two Epicheros, and is known only to them and the King. Descendants and subordinates of the high priest (heroes Rare, Uncommon, Common), take on the job of protecting the priest and SPAR. They need to fight to gain the power to attack the hands of monsters, build temples, and protect the energy SPAR.

GENSHIN KING is the first play-to-earn NFT game built on BSC ( Binance Smart Chain ) which rewards players directly in BNB.
Players will use GENSHIN KING Token (GENK) to recruit heroes, Level up, upgrade temples and complete missions in order to receive rewards in BNB.

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🎮 👹 Genshin Monsters

Monsters are the best attraction of a game.

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