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iCommunity is the leading platform in Spain for blockchain technology as a service, or also called BaaS (blockchain as a service). Which allows developing and integrating different cases of blockchain use in all kinds of applications, in a simple, fast and very economical way. The contracting process is by way of an economic monthly subscription of just over, which avoids having to face costly ad hoc developments, from scratch. With iCommunity, any individual, professional or company can have the most disruptive technology such as blockchain in their business, with different use cases for each sector, by connecting to our API, in just hours and without the need to program blockchain or spend a only penny in development.

iCommunity facilitates the real adoption of blockchain, to democratize its use, and adapt it to all budgets

iCommunity main product is iBS: a cloud platform that provides notarization, electronic signature, traceability and authenticity verification services by means of different blockchain technologies. It includes a potent RESTful API that allows integrators to leverage its functionality programmatically.

iBS add value is about every enterprise can integrate blockchain capabilities simply and affordably, without the need for technical knowledge and with very low costs and efforts.


Some relevant achievements:

iCommunity is the leader in its sector in Spain and has been awarded and audited by the most competitive and important innovation organizations, such as CDTI (top20 NEOTEC and Cervera Project with the best grade), and has top-level partners such as Telefónica, AWS AMAZON, IBM, Ardor , and Top clients such as: Estrella Galicia, AENOR, Logalty...etc.

ICOM Tokens

The ICOM token is a key and necessary point for the operation of the platform, and it will be the link to optimize, enhance and make the business models of all the companies and users of the ecosystem more scalable. The objective with this sale of tokenized services will be to encourage and accelerate the transformation of companies, professionals and private projects in any sector.

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New article!
Photography becomes the latest sector to be conquered by #NFT by allowing artists to tokenise their work and earn an income from it.

¡Nuevo artículo! 
La fotografía se convierte en el último sector conquistado por los #NFT al permitir a los artistas tokenizar su trabajo y obtener un ingreso por ello.

🔔Comunicado oficial: IEO Token ICOM.

Querida comunidad, compartimos la información actualizada de la IEO, y los próximos pasos. 👇

🔔Official statement: IEO Token ICOM.

Dear community, we share the updated information of the IEO, and the next steps. 👇

Los juegos #blockchain han crecido 2.000% en los últimos 12 meses mostrando un futuro prometedor. 

Blockchain games have grown 2,000% in the last 12 months showing a promising future.

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