Nom ICONerv Protocol
Date de débutavril 29, 2022
Date de finavril 30, 2022
Plate-formeBNB Smart Chain (BEP20)
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We are Designing a next Gen Decentralized Gasless Ecosystem and here is a brief introduction -
1. It uses tendermint consensus algorithm which are used by terra, osmosis, juno, secret etc.
2. Its based on cosmos sdk so that the code is modular (Modules can be changed without affecting the whole application).
3. It Supports Fast transaction 10000+ transaction per second, (Scalable up to 1M+).
4. Carbon Neutral algorithms (Multi bonded Proof-of-Stake).
5. Users can do gas free transactions if allowed by game or app developers.
6. Users can pay gas in any tradable currency BTC, ETH, ATOM etc.
7. App building on Nerv can also subsidize the transaction of users for governance and voting.
8. Being a gas-less app/game it allows users without any money(students, 3rd world country) to be a user of an app/game that benefits the game/app in a big way.
9. App developers can port their code from other cosmos based chains like terra, osmosis, rune etc due to cosmwasm virtual machine.
10. It's Interoperable via Cosmos IBC.
11. Very user friendly (Any WEB2 user will be able to use its wallet and ecosystem).
12. Most advanced NFT standards are used which are compatible with most blockchains.
Deflationary token economy.
13. Buyback and burn mechanism when prices drop below a certain threshold.
14. Low NFT marketplace commission then most.
15. Long term vesting of tokens for development (10 Years).
16. Portion of profits from the marketplace used to buyback and burn tokens.
17. Advance tools like refungibility and shared orderbook.
18. Same token across ecosystem of apps, staking, validating, trading, governance.
19. As demand grows, price will be scaled exponentially.

Hi Guys,
⚡️About listing part, we were waiting for a favorable market environment for a few months, but the market is in turmoil.

🌍Besides that, luna and celsius collapse have caused issues in our cash positions.

🦾Please be patience, we are trying our best.

After this event, we don't want that to happen to anybody.

Anyone who can report their accounts will help all crypto communities against scammers.

Here are different accounts they used:
twitter @Fadiriqbal
twitter @msharaky_

Report it please!

I'm Clint ⚡️@thisisclint21

🧵 A very interesting story just finished, we were almost scammed to the tune of $150,000 at @parasol_finance.

Let's make a thread to explain you all this. 👇🏼

🐦Invest In Fear before #BTC start pumping 🤑

🔥Initial investors will receive handcrafted Cosmic Beings NFT⚛️

⚛️ Build on Cosmos ecosystem.
🌍 Carbon neutral consensus algorithm.

💸 Token Price: $0.001 USDC

➡️ Participate:
Switch to BSC Mainet

🔥Announcement of Whitelist Result of PRE-SALE ROUND NerV protocol 🔥

👉 Whitelist Result here:
💎 Top 150 holders $FLT guaranteed to join the whitelist 💎

👉Link Pool:

#fantomlive #FLT #nerv #launchpad #web3 #whitelist #presale

⚛️Hello Nerv Holders,

ℹ️ For those who are asking wen claim, you will be able to claim before listing of the tokens.

⚡️ Wen Listing ? we are waiting for market to stablize we will update (Investors are our first priority).

👜 Keep Eyes peel for upcoming IDOs and whitelists.

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